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Having vacation to Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali, Lombok, Komodo Island, Wakatobi or Raja Ampat in Papua, may be already common. But have you ever had vacation to a remote island that does not appear on the map of Indonesia ?
Today, we as Pemping Island people, provide vacation tour packages to enjoy the cluster of the outer islands of Indonesia, in the Riau Islands. This tour is suitable for you who want to enjoy nature, tranquility, away from the urban bustle. This tour is suitable for you who are fed up with the old model of vacation.

In this tour package, you can visit the outer islands of Indonesia, with sea views and a cluster of beautiful islands and pristine. On the outer islands of Indonesia, which is directly adjacent to the area of Malaysia and Singapore, you can interact directly with the local islanders, feel the hospitality of the local residents of the island, follow the customs and daily activities of people who mostly work as fishermen, and taste many kinds of fresh sea fish culinary which caught by local fishermen.

You can also visit the white sandy island that is still empty, like a visit to the private island. Snapper or grouper fishing waters to the open sea, which is directly adjacent to neighboring Singapore or Malaysia.

For lodging, you can stay in the houses of local residents of the island, where most of the house is still a typical Malay houses.

The price of this package that you can enjoy

Package tours 'Hidden Island Tour Sensation' (3 nights) at this Pemping Island include:

1.    Pick up the tour participants at the Port of Sekupang Batam, Rp 300,000/person (round-trip)
2.    Sea journey by boat from the harbor to the Sekupang Pemping island (about 40 minutes)
3.    Rooms to stay for 3 nights at the houses on the Pemping island, Rp 300,000/person
4.    Have three times meals a day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu is typical Pemping Island, with fresh fish menu, Rp 300,000/person
5.    Travel to the white sandy island which still empty (Tandur island and Labun Kecik), Rp 100,000 / person.
6.    Trekking/jogging along the Pemping island.

The total cost of tour package for 3 nights on the Pemping island: Rp 1,000,000 / person (US$ 100)


In addition to the main package above, we also provide some additional packages (by request) namely:

7.    Cuttlefish/squid fishing Package by using traditional way in the waters around the Pemping island with local fishermen, Rp 100,000/person
8.    'Ngogo' or big fish fishing package (red snapper, grouper, etc.) to the high seas which adjacent to Singapore and Malaysia, Rp 300,000/person
9.    Fishing package in the sea around the Pemping island, Rp 200,000/person
10.    'Cik Amir' Traditional Massage, IDR 100,000 / person / hour
11.    Enjoy various kinds of grilled fresh fish and typical dishes of Pemping Island (Malay), (priced according to the type of fish and cooking order)

***     Participants of this tour package depart from the each region/ place then head to Batam to be picked up at the port of Sekupang, Batam.  
***     Overnight time on the island is flexible, can be shorter or longer upon request.

For booking "Hidden Island Tour Sensation" tour packages in Pemping Island, you can contact us at: 082145996883 (Bali), 081372662766 (Batam) or email us : pempingisland@gmail.com

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