Indians Celebrate Independence Day in Bali

 Kamis, 15 Agustus 2019, 23:00 WITA



Beritabali.com, Denpasar. 
Beritabali.com, Denpasar. The members of the Indian Community in Bali together with their Balinese friends of India, celebrated the 73rd Independence Day of India at their Consulate in Renon, Denpasar, with traditional gaiety and fervor.
Over 120 Indians, persons of Indian Origin and friends of India, along with school students and teachers from the Indian school, GMIS and One Earth School attended the function. The Consul General, R.O. Sunil Babu, unfurled the Indian national flag, following which the Indian Community and friends of India together sang the national anthem of India, ‘Jana Gana Mana’, written by noble laureate and noted poet Rabindranath Tagore. The students and teacher from GMIS rendered patriotic songs ‘Ae Watan Mere Watan’. Other patriotic songs were also being played on the occasion.
The Consul General read out the Address of the President of India. Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, delivered on the eve of the Independence Day. In his Address, the President paid tribute to the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi whose the 150th birth anniversary will be celebrated on 2nd October this year. 
Gandhi Ji is the guiding light of India’s successful effort to liberate the nation and of the nation continuing effort to reform our society of all inequities. Although contemporary India is very different from the India in which Gandhi Ji lived and worked, Gandhian philosophy remains extremely relevant towards sustainability, ecological sensitivity and living in harmony with nature which applies in government welfare programmes in seeking to harness the power of the sun as renewable energy. 
This year also marks the 550th birth anniversary of one of the greatest, wisest and most influential Indians of all time, Guru Nanak Devji. The Independence Day this year is perceived as a stepping stone in a longer process of nation building and national welding. In this occasion, the President expressed him confidence towards recent changes made in Jammu-Kashmir  and Ladakh would be of immense benefit to those regions. 
Earlier this summer, the people of India participated in the 17th general collection, in which they gave expression to their electoral right as well as their electoral responsibility. The President is happy to note that the recently concluded session of Parliament saw lengthy and productive sittings of both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. 
It is emphasized that nation building is about creating that optimal partnership between voters and their representatives, between citizens and the government, and between civil society and state. The President states that it is his privilege to travel all over our country, to diverse states and regions, and meet fellow Indians from all walks of life. The skill, talent, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship of 1.3 billion Indians have kept India going and have nurtured our civilization for thousands of years. 
The government can build financial, physical, institutional, connectivity, and social infrastructure for the citizens. However, what is more crucial for society and for citizens is to use and nurture this infrastructure. It is critical for Indian key institutions and policy makers to study and appreciate the citizens’ thoughts and wishes that today Indians dream for accelerated development, for effective and transparent governance. 
At the end of his address, the president mentioned that Indians are people who dare to explore the moon and Mars as well as people who persevere to create a loving habitat for three of every four wild tigers on our planet, because it is characteristic of Indianness to empathise with nature and with all living beings.
The gathering was also enlivened by performance of the dance teacher of Svami Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Bali (SVCC Bali), Dr. Pompi Paul who presented Shiva Tandava Dance which describes Lord Shiva’s power and beauty. The item has been choreographed by Padmabibhusana Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra based on Raag Vairavi and Taal Khemta. The SVCC Bali students also performed a modern Indian dance, Vande Mataram.
The address to the nation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort was also live-streamed at the Consulate. 
The attendees thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere which was filled with gaiety. A sumptuous feast of Indian delicacies was served to the guests. (bbn/rls/rob)

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