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Booming of E-Commerce, Reliable Shipping Services Are Needed

 Rabu, 27 November 2019, 04:00 WITA


The development of e-commerce in the world and also in Indonesia shows the trend of rapid increase. Two main factors that support the growth of e-commerce are the logistics and service industries.

Logistics companies in Indonesia also contribute to the development of the SME business sector, online trading, e-commerce, and other small industries. To support every trade activity both locally and internationally, surely a service that is able to provide security and speed is needed.

Along with the rapid activities of local and international trade, logistics and service industry shows the rapid growth. Hence, in order to provide satisfactory of goods delivery services to consumers, accuracy is needed in choosing a shipping company.

Om Bali Cargo is a company engaged in the international freight forwarding business and has a commitment to every quality service that must be prioritized. This is supported by reliable shipping lines and reliable airlines that have international standard of both services and access.

Over the past few years, Om Bali Cargo has implemented policies to continuously improve the quality of its personnel through various training and seminars, in Indonesia and abroad.

Improving the quality of personnel has become Om Bali Cargo's management commitment, so the education and training program is designed to cover professionalism and integrity improvement through managerial training and personal development.

Om Bali Cargo, located on Jl. Sunset Road, Kuta, Badung is managed by foreigner management and 115 trained professionals with more than 17 years-experience in the industry and supply chains.

The strength of Om Bali Cargo is that it has access to very competitive prices and offers flexible service that cannot be provided by other competitors. Om Bali Cargo can adjust the system for each client with special needs, by providing each of the personalized services.

The services that are offered by Om Bali Cargo such as: Air and Sea Expedition, Sea Freight Consolidation services, Air Freight Consolidation services, Vendor Consolidation, Customs Licenses, Marine Insurance, Distribution, Warehousing, Shipping and other global logistics services.

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